Over the past years, educationalists emphasized the importance of physical activity and the development of a child’s mind and body. Through play-gyms, a child can explore their potentials and live out their fantasy world. BUDDIES PLAY-GYMS offers the ideal Unit for all the above mentioned and ensure lots of fun during these important developing years. Standard Units and Custom Built Units available. Wide range to suite all areas.

All wood used is pre-treated with TANALITH and has the SABS stamp of approval and are sealed after installation. All care has been taken to make BUDDIES PLAYGYMS as safe as possible.
All prices quoted include installation within the JHB / Vereeniging/Pretoria areas. Installation outside the area mentioned will be subject to an additional charge.


By investing in a BUDDIES PLAY-GYM, be assured of the best quality and service. SINCE 1994.

All Platform wood sanded or planed for smooth finish and no splinters. NO nails on Main structure, only on Platforms & Ramps.
SAFETY OF MAJOR CONCERN. EXPERT ADVICE. No inferior products used.

Maintenance and repairs on any make Wooden Jungle-Gym.

It is normal for the poles and wood used to crack with time due to weathering. It is recommended to treat the complete Jungle-Gym with a Non-Toxic Oil-based Sealant on a yearly basis. BUDDIES PLAYGYMS offers this service to all customers – whether the Unit was installed by us or not. With this ‘service’, all bolts and nuts are checked and tightened as it comes loose with time thru vibration, weathering and normal wear and tear. All nails are checked and replaced if needed.

All care has been taken to make the Jungle-Gym Unit as safe as possible. BUDDIES PLAY-GYMS cannot be held responsible for any accident or injuries of any nature that may occur as a result of the use of a Jungle Gym Unit, whether or not installed or maintained by us.